How to Start a Bullet Journal Effectively!

If you’re here, you probably know what Bullet Journal is, don’t you? Just in case, if you’re new to it, refer this post to know what is Bullet Journal and how it actually works.

I’ve seen a lot of beginners struggling to find ways to write a Bullet Journal and this is where I decided to share my experience on how to start a Bullet Journal effectively.

Pro Tip: There’s no hard and fast rule to follow a particular format to start a bujo. It all starts with your requirements, goals, tasks etc that you have for yourself.

How to Start a Bullet Journal

Things to Understand Before Starting a Bullet Journal!

The first thing that came to my mind when I started exploring Bullet Journal was, do I really need a Bullet Journal? Is it necessary for me to follow what others are doing?

Do I Need a Bullet Journal?

Well, it completely depends on your mindset whether you are willing to allocate at least 10-15 minutes daily or weekly to keep updating your journal.

Getting your tasks listed on Slack or using Google Spreadsheets is the best way but when you’re away from your mobile or laptop, Bullet Journal is always with you reminding you of your tasks and goals.

Do I Need to Start a Bullet Journal

Right after I started using bujo, I realized that my work flow has been smooth and I hardly forget any of my tasks or get diverted to other things apart from my goals.

So, if you want to stay focused and want a perfect companion for all your routine task, you couldn’t get any better than BuJo (Bullet Journal).

How Is BuJo Different from Other Journals?

Of course, every journal or diary has those empty pages and you can fill in with whatever details you want to. But people often wonder that how is Bullet Journal different than other journals.

I would simply say, it’s because of the Index, Sections, Signifiers and the way it organizes your life in a better way. Index can be skipped based on the tasks or goals you define in BuJo. But if you have everything on your BuJo, like office tasks, home tasks, travel goals and a lot more, an Index turns out to be a necessity in your Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journal vs Other Journals

The sections lets you divide all the random tasks into a pre-defined list of tasks which includes various categories. And the same goes with Signifiers where you need not write long sentences every time if you are repeating a particular task on regular basis. Signifiers or keys are used to mark repetitive tasks and this makes your work very simple.

So overall, Bullet Journaling is completely different as compared to other Journals and dairies that you use in your day-to-day life.

Do You Need to Decorate your Bullet Journal?

Let me start with a small example.

Say if your house doesn’t have any sort of designs, colors, paintings etc and you have 3-4 rooms in your house. How does it feel when you come tired from your workplace and you don’t get any positive energy from those empty walls? Makes sense?

I hope you now got an idea of what I am referring to. Yes, a Bullet Journal needs to be decorated if you want to make it lively and want to make it a habit to use daily. Dull BuJo doesn’t attract and you finally give up just like you do with your other dairies or journals.

Do I need to decorate my Bullet Journal

Of course, it shouldn’t be fancy or just like a 5th standard drawing sheet. A combination of mild colors along with some some natural designs, symbols, signifiers (keys), emojis etc is probably be the best way to decorate your Bullet Journal. That’s the best way to get started and this is what exactly I do with my bujo as well. KEEP IT SIMPLE YET ATTRACTIVE!

These were few basic things that you need to understand before getting started with a bullet journal. If you still have any doubts regarding the same, you can shoot your questions in the comments section below.

Let us now see how to start a bullet journal effectively and organize it in a better way!

Here’s How to Start Bullet Journal

I hope you’re now clear about the basic things are ready to start a bullet journal. So here’s how it all starts!

Get Bullet Journal Supplies!

Of course, this is necessary to get started! But often people start with a random dairy or journal that doesn’t suit the BuJo style. So it’s essential to understand that what type of dairy or journal can be purchased.

Remember that, just getting a notebook and a pen doesn’t help you create a perfect and an appealing Bullet Journal, you’ve to buy a few more accessories to turn bujo as a part of your life.

Best Bullet Journal Supplies

Here’s a detailed post on best bullet journal supplies which includes notebooks, pens, markers, highlighters, and other accessories.

Plan the Collections and Sections in Advance!

If you’re still wondering how to start a bullet journal, this is your best answer! Planning the collections and sections well in advance helps you to organize your tasks and goals in a better way.

BuJo isn’t your regular diary that you start writing from page 1, instead, you need to plan out your complete year’s (you can start from the middle of the year too) collections, sections, tasks, goals, etc well in advance.

Once you have a complete idea of what is going to be in your daily, weekly, and monthly spreads, you’re all set to create the collections and sections based on your work and lifestyle.

Pro Tip: Just take a rough paper and plan your sections, collections, etc and once you finalize everything, plan to create an index now.

Get Started with Index!

Once you’re clear about your various sections and collections like travel life, work life, personal life, business trips etc, you’re all set yo create an index which is going to be minimum of 2 to 3 pages.

Of course, it’s not necessary to create 2 to 3 pages as it is completely dependent on your tasks. I have seen few journals that have 7-8 index pages. So do not follow any rule while you create an index of your Bullet Journal, instead, just go with the flow.

Index is one such page in Bullet Journal that tends to change every month or may be every week. So ensure that you have enough pages left to expand your index.

Pro Tip: Always note down everything in an index with a pencil so that if there are any changes to made, it can be easily done.

Write down the page numbers of particular sections of collections in the index itself so that you can find them within a fraction of seconds once you need them.

Use Bullet Journal Regularly!

This is where most of the people fail. Many of you start creating bujo but somewhere, the adrenaline rush goes down and you stop using it.

It’s a common thing which I have personally experienced myself. It is a tough task to keep journaling but you have to do it if you want to organize the things pretty effectively.

I myself have failed 2 times and right from the 3rd time, I have never stopped using BuJo.

I understand that it can happen with you as well if you’re a beginner but never stop doing it because believe me or not, my life has completely changed right when I started using Bullet Journal.

Pro Tip: If updating your journal daily isn’t your cup of tea, create a weekly tasks and update it on either Saturday or Monday morning as your first task. This keeps you reminding the tasks which needs to be accomplished next week. In this way, you can use your journal regularly.

That’s it, for today, folks!

 Closing Thoughts on Starting a BuJo!

I hope you’ve got enough insights on how to start Bullet Journal. I will keep sharing my experiences on my blog and will often come up with new ideas as I update my journal. Cheers!

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